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Originally Posted by gotroost View Post
I figured out a little trick to help with the scoop bolt the goes throught the horn mount. I could get it finger tight, but I could not get a socket or wrench on it. I used two nuts and locked them together and then used that to tighten the bolt. After that, I removed them and just tightened up another nut on the inside to be sure it stayed secure. Sorry, no pics. I was on a mission to get it done. It's tight in there, but I got it done. Thanks for the quick shipping and quality parts Chase! This setup it too cool!
Im wondering if the design changed, I was a little worried about this part but had no issues at all. Did you put the bolt through after putting the scoop in place? I put the bolt in, tighted it, then put the scoop in place as per instructions. There was plenty of room for a ratchet and socket?

Also some have mentioned placing the water bottle as far right as possible so it dont hit your drl's, the new scoop I got from apex was predrilled so that is no longer an issue.
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