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Just wanted to post and say thanks for the video. I just had to replace my shark fin the other day due to my garage door hitting it ( don't ask).

This video was the only reason I attempted to do it myself, and while it took me a lot longer than it did in the video, I'm glad I saved a few bucks.

I have a sun roof so I went in that way, which is way easier than going in from the back.
The connectors were a piece of cake. I can build a pc in my sleep so I'm not afraid of no stinking connectors.
The only real problem I had was the damn ratchet slipping off the bolt
And trying to find a half inch 8mm socket. Literally no store I went to had them. Ended up having to get a different 8mm socket just for the coat hanger bolts.

But anyway, thanks a lot for the vid. It's a million times better than instructions or pictures.

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