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Originally Posted by ducatisl View Post
Two things: F/I cam and 3.91 gears. Contemplating another cam since I'm likely to stay N/A for awhile. But 460-470 "corrected" rwhp off a Dynojet is about right for stock geared cam/exhaust LS3. I suppose if I did a LG G6X3 cam I'd be at the 500 level, but I'm not sure if I could live with it since I DD the car. I'm kinda searching for a more valvetrain friendly, but longer duration cam.
Ask Shane (stb3222) about the cam we spec'd for him. He daily drives the car and it makes killer torque for a moderately large cam, didn't kill fuel economy, and sounds like a beast. Peak HP happens around 6900 rpm, which is perfect. RPM kills engines faster than anything. Period. I forget which lobes we had it ground on, XER or XFI, but it definately was a good combo. I'm sure Erik still has the cam card laying around. It will put well over 500 to the wheel on a dynojet, but numbers dont mean shit. Avoid LSK lobes, they beat the shit out of the valvetrain. Kelford's lobes, from what I understand, ramp in quickly, but set the valve down much more gently, keeping valve bounce to a minimum. Keep the powerband under 7000, especially with an auto (some components in automatic transmissions spin 180% of engine RPM)

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