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Originally Posted by WYKOFF69Z View Post

There has been a Z/28 in every generation.
Why not a 5th gen.?
Has there been a ZL1 every generation? No

We won't know why the Z28 didn't come before the ZL1 until they do. We can only speculate. Maybe sales are too strong on the SS and they were afraid a Z28 would take away from those sales. A large percentage of Z28 owners are going to be SS and LT owners that are looking to upgrade after a couple of years.

We sure don't have much information on the next generation Corvette either and probably won't until the ZL1 is out.

I'm in the camp that now believes the Z28 will show up on the Alpha platform. The Z28 would be a good spring board for the next generation of Camaro. Everyone points to the next Z28 weighing less and having the newer DI engine, why re-invent the wheel and rush a Gen5. The ZL1 is the option for those us that can not wait a couple more years for the Z28. Are any of us going to go out out and buy a Boss302 because the Z28 isn't out? If so, you don't deserve a Z28.

We'll start hearing true rumors of the next Z28 once Mustang consistently recaptures monthly sales.
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