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OK. After giving it more thought, here's my feelings on the 'SS' badge.

It used to be reserved for a few models in the '60's and 70's if I recall what I've seen and read. But lately Chevrolet assigned it to too many models and "watered down" what a "true" 'SS' is, IMO.

IMO, a "true" 'SS' is V8 powered, RWD, and also handles well.

Here's what I would like to see; (limited to V8/RWD of course)
- SS Camaro
- SS Impala (the Imp. and Monte are supposed to both received a new V8/RWD platform)
- SS Monte Carlo
- SS Silverado
(and maybe an SS Corvette)

Limit the 'SS' badge. Putting it on too many models weakens the image IMO.
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