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Originally Posted by ducatisl View Post
Thanks for the info Josh. Very much appreciated.

(I remain a bit unconvinced, although open minded, about your responses to #3 and #5 in the context of a stock cube LS3, but this thread is about Lashway's Kelford cam installs.)

Could you maybe post a link to Kelford or your website that has Kelford LS cam info?
that is fine to each his own, with an ls3 you'll make power no matter what you do haha

"The Kelford Cams LS camshafts are the best lobe designs in the industry (in our opinion), featuring fast acting valve motion while retaining valve train stability and valve spring reliability.

The Kelford LS cams feature more duration at .200" than our competitors (for the same lift and .050" duration) but the big advantage is that Kelford has better control of the valve train parts. So the result for our customers is high horsepower, great driveability and superior parts life."

here is there info and some of their shelf grinds, we always order custom grinds as they do mostly circle track racing.
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