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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
Read it and weep. In a very elite field the Boss came in 5th.

Whatever you think of Motor Trend, I do not think you can accuse MT of favoritism here. The Boss finished ahead of the Z06/7 (!!) and other highly regarded cars. Here if the Z28 were out and matched the Boss, the Z28 would finish ahead of the Z06 as a drivers car. But no way would the Camaro finish this high due to visibility and weird interior issues.

But even if the Z28 finishes dead last in a test like this, we will still love it. Right?

I hope the high bar the boss sets does not scare Chevy out of building the Z28.
Can't accuse them of favouritism? Its a subjective test. They based it around what 'felt' right, not what was faster. It doesn't get any easier for personal bias to dictate the results.
Originally Posted by Black5thgen View Post
In the real world a Z06/Z07 would destroy a Boss. But you're right, if the Z28 handled and accelerated just as well as the Boss it would finish dead last.

The fact that they rate the SLS, LFA and R8 behind the Cayman says enough about that test.
It did destroy the Boss, beating it by around 7 seconds. But it wasn't a fastest lap competition, it was 'best drivers car', which factors in how easy/fun/rewarding a car is to drive. How fast it is doesn't figure into the equation very much. Their problem with the Z06, as always, was the seats. They also faulted it for being equipped with tires that are 1 step away from being racing slicks. I disagree with that, because I would think that the ultimate drivers car be one step away from a race car, right?

Oh well.
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
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