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After the short road trip (500 round trip) a couple of weeks ago, the wife was saying (repeatedly and loudly) she didn't like the drone from the exhaust: which meant change the exhaust or try some of the sound deadening materials.

After doing a lot of reading, decided to go with Hushmat. Found a local stereo shop which carried an assortment and went to check it out. About 3 minutes to check out and I was headed home with a box - 39 sqft.

Started in the trunk area are realized 39 sq ft was a bit much for the trunk area - so I set aside 5 sheets (about10 sq ft) for under the rear seat - will tackle this when I do the leather seats on a few weeks.

The sheets were about 1' x 2' and were easy to fit and cut. In the first pic, I started with a full sheet on the driver side in the trunk and cut out for the option tag and rubber plug. The did a full sheet on the right side, then a full sheet between the battery well and rear seat, then started covering the remaining trunk floor and areas until they were almost solid black. Only trouble spot was the wheel wells, but some trimming and fitting to get it close and then put it down. You'll notice I did under the rear speaker deck - not solid, but enough to get probably 50 to 60% coverage.

Did learn a few tricks for those attempting to do this:
- do the large areas first will full sheets, then do the smaller areas with half and quarter sheets
- finish the area by using all of the "scrap" to fill in the voids.
- do one sheet at a time and use a roller to ensure the material is firmly attached. For curved areas use the handle of the roller to get into the small areas. You can press the mat by hand, but this gets old rather quickly. Once you think you have the sheet firmly attached, move on to the next sheet.
- the primary thing to avoid is "bridging" - areas where the mat has an air bubble or isn't firmly pressed down. Patience and persistence is key. If you do get an air bubble or wrinkle, use a razor knife to make a small slit and work out the air or wrinkle.

- Total time was 3 1/2 to 4 hours

Overall, very pleased with the results - the Husmat definitely reduced the drone and in 6th at about 65mph the car has a throaty exhaust note but the hollow sound of the drone is gone . Definitely worth the time and money if you have changed exhaust.
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