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New Camaro SS to get LS9 Engine? Some say maybe..

In recent months, there has been a great deal of speculation that, assuming GM decides to produce the Chevrolet Camaro, a high-performance model will be offered with a Corvette motor. In fact, GM's Bob Lutz has even acknowledged the possibility of shoehorning the Z06's LS7 engine into the Camaro.

But according to the August issue of GM High-Tech Performance, the automaker could go a step further. The magazine says GM is contemplating putting the supercharged LS9 engine (which has been speculated to be the engine for the upcoming "Blue Devil" Corvette) in a range-topping Camaro SS. Lastly, the magazine reports GM is in the initial stages of prototyping a new "huge" LS-style engine with 8.3 liters of displacement and 900 horsepower. It's unclear if that engine is the LS9, or something entirely different. The source who worked on the engine said, "I don't get parts unless they're actually going to do something with them."
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