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Well it is good to see what my car can do without me having to find out myself. The ride though the video did not scare me too bad... In fact several spots in the video and I know good and well my foot would have hit the floor boards lots sooner.. anywhoo... They don't pay me to test the Zl1...
But that ZR1 ride? I bout shart my pants when he hit 180....THAT IS WAY TOO FAST for a production street automobile...
that guy driving the ZR1 probably has a dish of nuts the size of Cantelopes...
My word that is fast.... The ZL1 is a puss compared to that....
Can't wait to get my car though. I wont ever have to push it to much passed 100 cause I can always watch how fast it CAN go from the saftey of my home and computer desk thank you very much.
Its fast enough for mods for me. Anyone that would mod this car to make it faster than it is on for a street environment would have to be a quart low upstairs...Just saying. Car is plenty fast bone stock. The only thing I might remotely would want to consider would be putting the ZR1 tires on the ZL1.
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