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I would tell you don't do the phone line and use your blue-tooth connection on your storm to turn the cars audio system into your hands free dialing devise that's what it is for. You can save the money or upgrade to the navigation package for the same price. Or get the XM service. Anyhow now that the thread got moved not too many people will see it. I remember there was a discount for Lo-jack so that's why I figured I'd ask about Onstar. Also remember your likely to get a bigger discount in the areas that have higher thefts

Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
Never considered seeking an insurance discount. I just bought the wife a 2009 SRX (Certified Pre-Owned) and it came with 3 months of free OnStar (30 phone minutes). Since we have two BlackBerry Storms w/Verizon I was hoping to be able to "share" one of them with the car. Turns out that's not how that works, I'd need to get the OnStar car phone number and add a THIRD line to my Verizon account. So my monthly charge would be $9.95 per month plus the $18.95 per month for the OnStar Safe and Sound Plan. My total monthly cost would be $28.90.

Let's say I were to get a 15% discount off the SRX monthly insurance permimum of $90 per month, that would save me about $14 per month. So my net per month would cost me about $15 per month to add the third Verison phone line and On Star subscription.

I'll call my insurance agent on Monday and report back any discount I get.

Thanks for sharing your perspective, I and many other's most likely would not have thought of this approach.
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