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Originally Posted by fireresq157 View Post
"Anyhow I contacted my insurance provider (allstate) and asked about any discount for having Onstar and its vehicle recovery/locator/slowdown they stated 15% discount on the premium for my area. Now of course I asked if it was off their total premium and they said yes, assuming that's right and there are no surprises later when I submit my policy."

That's why I said the above, maybe you missed it. I would not think it's the whole policy but that's what I was told. If it's the comprehensive yes it would be a small amount like 2 dollars a month depending your insurance instead of 15. I don't like spending my day calling back companies to verify what the last guy I talked to said. So I decided to put it out along with the other information and see what people come out with. Especially given that all areas of the country have different rates and all people as well. That's only part of my post not the whole thing.
Hey man don't jump down my throat, you made a post, I'm responding to it (the spirit of an online forum). You presented your info that you gathered for everyone and I'm just explaining that portion of what they told you is wrong. Chill out.
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