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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
WHAT?!?! Don't do that!

Actually, you're much better off. I know that might sound bad to you right now....BUT...if you really want that 5th Gen, you really might want to put away everything you can. It's probably going to be less than a year until you can pick up a 5th Gen...maybe a week or two over a year, but still....right? Every penny you save now will help you in the long run.

Things like this happen for a reason. That reason is just waiting for you right down the road....and you'll be driving it!

Exactly what I've been thinking.

Honestly the Camaro looks amazing, but I figure I can sell my TT to a private party for $3000 more than the dealer would give me - then I'm going to buy either a 1970ish Camaro or a 90s Trans Am for about that $3000. Put the rest into a time account or a good looking stock.

I'm only planning on keeping the car until the 5th gen comes out, so what the hell right?

Sure, it's something I want, but what I truely desire lays just a bit further ahead.
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