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Originally Posted by Ozzie RS View Post
Nessal thanks for the nice post. I just ordered a set from Auto Agenda and this post will be a huge help, hell it already has. I'm going out tomorrow and getting a 15mm ratcheting wrench, lol.

By the way I ordered the ER series of BC coil overs that just became available for the Camaro last week from my understanding. I'll post after the install.

The open ratching wrench helps but make sure you get one where the wrenching end isn't too big or else it won't fit over the nut.

I read about another method that someone else used and it seems pretty good without having to get a open wratcheting wrench. There is a nut on the inside portion of the swaybar endlink. Hold that nut and use a normal ratching wrench with the correct size socket and it should crank out that way as well.

If you get stuck, just let me know.
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