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Originally Posted by GoldenBear View Post
I was getting ready to order the ZL1 coupe also, but since I'm a convertible guy at heart, it appears as though I'll have to wait a bit longer to obtain the ZL1 that I really want.

I'm guessing that the convertibles will be available about six months after the coupes start arriving at dealerships. If the first 2012 ZL1 coupes begin arriving at dealers in the March/April time frame and the 2013 ZL1 convertible production begins the beginning of the 2013 model year production, the convertibles will probably begin arriving at dealers in the September/October time frame. Therefore, if my estimates of dates are accurate there should be a six month delta between the first arrivals of the 2012 ZL1 coupes and the initial arrivals 2013 ZL1 convertibles. I've waited this long already, so what's another six or so months of waiting at this point?.

I am very happy that Chevrolet is producing a ZL1 convertible, and that, based on the press release, it doesn't appear to be detuned in any way from the coupe.
It'll probably be a little heavier than the coupe due to bracing and whatnot...but that doesn't seem to effect the SS much, at all!

I'm so happy for all the people wanting a convertible AND a ZL1!

In the back of my head...the automatic was going to be a sales benefit over the GT500...but then we were left without a convertible so I figured things would balance out...not anymore!! Mustang, eat your heart out!
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