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Originally Posted by 09'Z28 View Post
so Dragoneye, Moose, or TAG UR IT would the buy/sell thread be against forum rules
That's a question to be posted in the Announcements / Suggestions / Feedback / Questions forum. Personally, I can easily see many more problems with making the forum. But, I do see it working for our members (I do see some good things coming from this, but...). You'd have to ask, how often would the thread get used? Who would be posting the for sale thread? Would it be a new member who just joined up to post a for sale ad on our boards? Is it a member who's been with us for a while? How would the thread be regulated? What happens if someone pays and doesn't get the item, etc?

I know other sites have the "swap meet" or "for sale" threads. I don't know just how they regulate them. I know for a fact that on another board I used to visit daily, there was a member who would try to sell items, would get the money, and had numerous problems following through. Sure, if that happened here we could ban them. But, how would our member contact them now?

I'll say right now that I'm not against long as we can figure out a way to make it work....RIGHT. Until then, I forsee too many problems...not great IMO.

And...the main people to ask about this is your site Admins. I think they can shed more light on this subject than I. This would be completely their call.
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