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Originally Posted by Blizzard View Post
Thank you, I am celebrating my 5 year anniversary of my 21st birthday to day lets hope it ends the same.

But that only means we will have just over two months for it to make production and delivered before the world end lol.

But I guess I can live with what I get today, BB king is playing at my University today, so nice for the University to get him for my birthday I mean it is for me right. Also Forza 4 is waiting at my house for when I get off work.
Damn a Z/28 and Blues lover!!!

Road trip on top of the road trip. C5FEST INDY INDY to Buddy Guy's Chicago. Oh hell we'll just break the bank and head over to the Chicago Chop House or Gene and Giorgetti's for dinner and then Buddy Guy's

We'll hit up msw444 for some Cuban's too

Note to C5 Staff: Don't start any Saturday activities until after 2 pm.
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