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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
Call me crazy but I think we are going to hear something sooner than later..... and the sooner the better!
You're not crazy Mac....just a fanatic! I believe you may be right as in hearing something within a "reasonable" amount of time. Everythings in place for Return of the Z-28 Episode 5.
Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
I want to spill the commercial can of beans, but I only have

• Tremec 6060 6 Speed Manual Transmission
• MTI Short Throw Shifter
• Driveshaft Shop HD 1400HP Axle Shafts
• Be Cool Radiator
• American Racing Headers
• Forgeline Wheels, 20”X10.5”
• Michelin Tires, 305/35ZR20
• Specter Werkes Extractor Hood
• RPM Six Point Roll Bar
• Corbeau TRS Leather Seats and 5 Point Belts
• LS7 Engine, 681HP @ 6700 RPM / 588 LB/FT @5600
• 9.5” Differential, 373 Ratio with no preload TracRiteฎ GT – Helical Gear Limited Slip

In a few days and no further than 10 days out. I'll name names and post a rendering. I believe that this Camaro build will be a community event. There are so many that have contributed. This thread is a perfect example. I can't imagine GM isn't watching and learning because we certainly are. The only portion of this build that will disappoint the true Z/28 enthusiast is the price point. That is the only bad news and it really isn't that bad. The first car is built to a ridiculous standard. Customer builds will reflect the customer's wants, desires and budget. Only GM would be able to produce the Z/28 with more customer friendly pricing because they won't have a pile of expensive take off parts. You know, a LS3, a Tremec gear box, Brembo brakes, suspension, wheels and tires... not to mention the labor to strip it all out.

The ZL1 posted spectacular numbers from the Ring run. I 'know' what our car would do, but knowing and proving are two different things. I have checked a number of items off my bucket list. I have not checked off the run the Ring with a Pedderised Camaro box. Then again, I wasn't too sure I would be involved in a build like this

Pete, your ride will kick ass and take names for sure. There is no doubt. No need to explain the price as that is a given with a special project such as this. Throughout history there is always the one, who turns the tide and makes an impact on the outcome of the decision. You are the one who is in the right place, at the right time, for the Z-28 's resurrection to the forefront of racing prominence. Your effort will assist Chevrolet to bring the product to market. The Z-28 is the Face of The Camaro, and will always be. It's the true object of my desire, and I am waiting in the wings as so many others are to obtain in it in this generations form as an assembly line RPO. Good luck on your endeavor!
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