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Originally Posted by IROCanSS View Post
Either I missed this or it's a change... Looks like full ordering doesn't start until Thursday, November 3rd... which makes WAY more sense than a Saturday. Not sure what "Quick Order Application" is... Seems it may be a few more days guys...

I'd still contact the dealer the 24th... again on the 29th and then see what you need to do on the 3rd... if anything!

Sorry missed this :(
No change here.

Evidently the difference is "Workbench’s Quick Order"
and "Workbench’s traditional Order Configurator"

Not knowing how GMs workbench works, but
the Oracle system that Im used to using you could order, but you would not be able to "configure" options until a given date. I am thinking this is probably very similar in that you may be able to "drop" a ZL1 order in, but it maybe have to be configured with options (colors, interior, wheels, sunroof etc) at a later date. That seems most likely to me anyway.
Maybe Becky will chime in to clear up the confusion because we are talking about the difference of 5 days here.
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