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Originally Posted by rolnslo View Post
Sounds better now. At least I can actually hear the exhaust a little better. Still way too quiet for my tastes and a lot quieter than the SOLO Performance Mach XL cat-back I had on my 2010 V6. Going to have to rectify this lack of noise situation eventually with a full cat-back system. Even my wife said the muffler delete didn't go far enough in making this car sound louder like the way it really should. At least she gets it...

So far, AFM isn't bugging me when it kicks in. I can hear it better now than I could before but its not overly annoying (yet). Time will tell...
OK, I was going to purchase an axle-back system (Borla or Flomaster) but like you, I'm considering just straight pipes for the time being. The stock exhaust is just way too wussy...but you say your straight pipes aren't much louder? I don't know what your old cans look like but mine are HUGE under there and I'm thinking it should be at least 4 or 5 times louder without them. I was also slightly concerned about warranty issues doing a mod like there any chance of engine damage?

BTW, love your Green SS.
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