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6) You can lift out the seat by pulling it rearward freeing the "hooks" on the front of the rails. Be careful getting the seat out of the car. It's not real heavy, but it's bulky. You may want to put some towels down around the door opening for protection. Pic 6 shows something kinda cool underneath a "flap" of carpet.

7) Pic 7- There's two phillips screws, one on front and one on back of the outboard cover. You may want to take the time to pop off the recliner back power switch handle. It simply pops right off. You can save this for the new switch as it's the same. There's some friction clips and two push pins holding the side panel on. Just pop it off once the screws are out. Go ahead and uplug the switch and you can leave it in the side cover as you won't be using that switch or side cover anymore. There's two phillips screws to remove on the inboard mini-cover as well. Save the screws for the mini-cover. But you'll only reuse one if you reuse the cover.

8) Pic 8 shows the air bag sensor module. You'll need to unplug, unscrew and save the module/screws for reuse.

9) Pic 9 shows where the seat belt buckle plugs in (orange/light blue). Unplug it. The two blue wires go to some sort of switch. I don't have a clue what this does, but it MIGHT have something to do with moving the seat all the way forward. It's not on the new seat or harness. There's a metal plate the switch rides over when it's all the way up (air bag cutoff for children maybe?)

10) Pic 10 shows the 2 gray plugs. One's got 4 wires (2 pinks/green/blue), one's got two (pink/light blue). The 4-wire deal goes to the bottom seat heater. The 2-wire one goes to the seat back heater. Unplug them.
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