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I've got the 22780745 harness for the 2SS leather seat with heat. I don't know what the difference is with the 47 harness.

Anyway, the new harness wiring can be deciphered like this.

Gray clips- heaters. 4-wire (2 pink/gray/blue) to the seat bottom, 2 wire (pink/light blue) to the seat back.

Small black plug- (orange/light blue) goes to seat belt.

Motor plugs ---Main motor, Forward/Reverse (tan/green). Front bolster up/down motor (blue/green). Main up/down motor (light blue/yellow)

Yellow and black plug with orange lock- Goes to air bag on inside of seat back. While you're there, there's the seat back motor (green with yellow stripe/blue with yellow stripe)

Plug with air bag tag- goes to rear connection of air bag module mounted on bracket.

Heavy duty plug goes to operating switch has attached zip tie to attach to front cross rod.

It took about 3.5 hours of wrenching and picture taking from start to finish. Even stopped and grabbed something to eat during the job. Not bad.

The covers kinda bother me though. If you look at the new outer side cover, it has some push clips in the center area that aren't used. It's almost as if there's another bracket/panel or something that needs to be attached underneath. I could be wrong though. But that center push in clip has nothing to attach to. And it's for the same year as the bottom seat frame. The mini-hinge cover on the inboard side has to be a different part number for 2012. It's on there, but with a single screw. I doubt I'll change it out, but it kinda sucked going this far then finding out it won't bolt up correctly.

Hope this helps out someone trying to do theirs.

BTW, I now have an service air bag light on and the DIC shows it too. I didn't think to unplug the battery before starting the job and probably goofed something by unplugging the main harness from the floor. I hope. I guess I'll have to take it in now and see what's up. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with that stupid weird switch underneath.
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