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Maybe those are the headlights for the new Firebird. That would be ok... Whats with the fake hood scoop? What is wrong with that bumper and those foglamps? Are they from a Tahoe? What is that rear-bumper? Is is from Pee-Wee's Playhouse? Chairy, anyone?

Well, I just bought a 2007 Mustang GT. The first Ford in my life, because this Camaro, as I knew it would, bores me to tears after the final version appears. Of course, it could look tons better in person, as many GM cars do. In fact, I find that many cars I hate in pictures, by GM, I turn out loving in person... I still hold hope.

For now, this is my gut-feeling.

I'm glad you people enjoy it, I just think its more bland garbage that was watered down with a big motor from GM, came too late to the game, and is going to get crushed by the new 'Stang and upcoming Charger...

GM has only one car that I drool over. The Cadillac CTS. I m 32 y/o and That car is far more sexy and hot rod like than this entry-level amatuer-mobile. Now I lust over my hot-rod Caddy! Zig!!!

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