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Thanx for the front shot Scott!

I lurk more than I post and really enjoy reading all these "reactions". I knew I would be buying one of these awesome vehicles more than a year ago and just like it more every time I see another view.

If GM is listening, you are definitely on the right track; it's just beautiful. Personally, I think that the ram air not being cut-out may indicate that the final version may even have the rear vents cut-out as well Also, I noticed that the front brake vents don't seem to be cut out either so???? I hope they are all cut-out.
Also, I REALLY prefer the Halo headlights and am REALLY hoping for LEDs all the way around (rear, back-up, side markers, etc.) but none of these things would change my mind.
Keep up the awesome job. I can't wait to drive my Hugger Orange w/White stripes, Z28 off the dealers lot!
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