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Originally Posted by GoldenBear View Post
I think that GM knows that if the ZL1 is priced much more than ten percent higher than a "similarly equipped" GT500 or in the CTS-V range, most potential ZL1 buyers will choose to purchase other vehicles. The ZL1 needs to be priced in the range where its target demographic can and will purchase it.
I respectfully disagree. I think GM has already done it's homework and knows how many of these cars they can sell on an annual basis based on brand-loyalty alone. Let's face it, even if the updated GT500 outperforms the ZL1, there are still a ton of people who would never buy one based simply on the fact that it is produced by Ford. IMO, GM is counting on those people to buy this car, not your average unbiased consumer. And if the price is too high for "a Camaro", they will likely lean to staying in the GM family and go for a Corvette (performance) or CTS-V (luxury/performance).
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