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Camaro with Sharpie Stripes = Coolness

Don't know if this is a re-post, but I just saw this over on Autoblog. Not that I'd do this myself but I just thought it was pretty cool and really creative. Check it out.

Remember the Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo from 2007? A Chevrolet Camaro has been given a similar treatment courtesy of Maryland-based professional pinstriper Chris Dunlop. Stepping away from his cans of paint and fine brushes, Dunlop has created two magnificently detailed Sharpie tapestries where the original pinstripes would have been.

According to LSX TV, Dunlop says this Camaro is the fourth car he's decorated like this, and others have followed. Ten pens gave their lives to the cause of art, as well as a few layers of clearcoat to make sure the ink remains permanent. If you happen to think you could do this at home to your own ride, have a look at the detail shots in the gallery a Sharpie isn't just a marker in Dunlop's hands.
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