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Originally Posted by 68vert View Post
Actually Jay first says "Under 100" then quickly says "Under 75". It was just a number he quickly pulled out of the air. Geez, calm down people. GM will price it against its competition.

Jay was clearly not told prior what to say or what not to say in the video, nor was Mark..
Even the 177MPH was pulled out of the air, and he was not 100% certain that the car has 20 inch wheels... Jay even thought Mark was the one that made the Ring times in the car...
The $75k figure is non relative...
Calm down people...
Take the video for what it was.... Don't try to read into it something that is was not...
End of rant... (hopefully)
To "Keep the faith" one must "TRUST in the Faith"
Some people are showing they cannot do that very well.......

...take a chill.... Pricing will be affordable... relax.....
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