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Originally Posted by mr02Z/28 View Post
No way in Hell GM is going to have a starting MSRP @ $47,000, not with all the Technology involved and surely not with the recent "Ring times which the ZL1 is now in Super Car territory... It ain't gonna happen in the $47,000 range, you will be lucky if it starts around $53,000 and wait until they post the Drag 1/4 mile times in a week or 2 and if it is in the 11s range, I will be asured it will start at about $57,000, easily...
I have to disagree. We know GM's profit margin is higher on the SS models over the V6. Why? Because the majority of the Camaro is the same. The difference is the SS has 2 more cylinders, and a beefier drive train and suspension. Remember GM rolls a Camaro out the door for sale starting at 23K. You think GM's cost is way higher making a A-arm for a V8 than a V6? Probably very little. The technology in the ZL1 was borrowed from other GM cars already on the train from Cadillac and suspension tech from the Vette. Obviously things were tweaked and tuned specifically for the ZL1, but its not like it has the newest gen tech. But I am fine with that. I expect the Cadillac's and Corvette's to have the newest and hottest. That is part of the price tag. I bet the ZL1 could start at $51-52k, and GM could still make a great margin on it.

I'm not trying to knock what GM is done at all...but this close to Christmas, everyone is getting quite giddy it seems. I will be in line for a ZL1 if the price is what I consider reasonable.
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