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Originally Posted by z28camaro2471 View Post
I'm really confused when people say this isn't true to the concept. I've seen a lot of concepts get watered down over the years and for sure, this is not one of them. You park this prototype next to the concept and 98% of the general public would be unable to tell you what was different.

And for that which is different (light placement, side markers, mirror size), we can thank our goverment for probably 75% of the differences.
This is exactly accurate.... every change from the concept to the production car was to meet regulations or simply to fit real-sized people and tires etc into the car. Maybe a few changes were to keep it under 3 million dollars I guess but if you overlay the two in the computer they are REALLY close and if you randomly place them around the studio together it's almost impossible to tell which is which without really concentrating. Seriously. There were no design 'changes'.... it was a direct translation from concept to reality as faithfully as possible by much of the same team that did the original.
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