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My white aux. gauge overlays arrived today from 6litereater So I've spent most of my afternoon installing these bad boys. Now all I want to say is that this is not a complicated install, but it does take a decent amount of time to do.

The overlays

The OEM aux gauges

Now the fun part starts; taking it apart. First thing I did was undo these little clipy things that hold the wiring in place. They were just in the way.

The next step is taking apart the aux gauges. It's pretty straight forward really. Everything is held together via clips so nothing to unscrew.

The aux gauges taken apart

Here I ran into a bit of a hiccup, how do I get the needles off. Well I thought for a moment and decided that I was just going to call Ofer as he has done this before. Luckily he answered and was able to walk me through the process of getting the needles off.

The black caps off the needles.

Turns out though, getting the needles off was a lot harder than Ofer made it out to be. That and I wasn't able to find a small/tiny fork (the tool of choice for this install). Luckily I figured out a way around that. The overlays are pretty flexible, and if you bend them just right you can slip over the needle. Mind you this was/is a bit hard, but IMO this way is much easier than trying to get the needles off. That and I was terrified of breaking the needles so this seemed like a safer alternative.

The faceless gauges

The OEM overlays

Installing the white overlays was the same process, but in reverse. Not too hard, though the white overlays did not have the alignment holes punched out. So I used a tiny little exacto-knife and made them myself.

Comparison of white vs OEM

The finished product.

When I plugged the aux gauges back in they didn't do the normal start up thing, kind of had a panic attack. Because the entire time I'm talking with Ofer he's telling me how careful I have to be to not break the motor attached to the needles. But, turns out: the aux gauges don't work until you turn the car on dodged that bullet.

Now, after this super long post; a before and after shot. I did my best to take the photo from the same angle.


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