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Originally Posted by UCF w00t View Post
As ridiculous as it may seem, I think this just might be the case. I haven't heard of any US Camaros that got pulled in week 1 that were blue. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Those colors aren't really traditional muscle car colors (hence GM not even offering them at first) and people that ordered #1 at their dealer are most likely to be the very traditional type people who are big Camaro fans.
i mean im not sure cuz i wasnt around back then but when ever i picture a 69 camaro...i picture it blue with white stripes...maybe cuz thats what my dad had back in the day

Originally Posted by lonnie View Post
I order my aqua blue first week of november and I was told from my dealership I would get my car in October. How do you know when your car is being built or keeping track of it?
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