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Originally Posted by 2010ABM View Post
Car looks great, congrats on COTW!! Where did you get the header wrap, and how much of a pain was it to wrap them?
Thanks for the compliment!

Header wrap was a DEI Kit from Summit, on recommendation from Paul at Stainless Works. Took me about 6 hours to do both headers. My Dad helped for a bit, but he had to run halfway through the first one, so probably wouldn't have taken so long with 2 sets of hands. You just have to take your time, don't rush it, and carefully plan your lengths and how you're going to tie everything in, so it looks like one seemless piece and you get good coverage. If something doesn't fit or look good, unwrap it, and do it again. The primaries got kinda tricky at the one collector, they got close and then opened up again. I didnt' want to have that much open space in the middle of them, so I had to get a little creative during the process. The one side actually has 4 seperate pieces of wrap to create the coverage on the seperation, but because of the way I laid everything out and planned the wrapping order, it all looks like one piece, and I didn't have to use any additional ties. You can see on the bottom left of the pic, right before the collector.

I was very please the way everything turned out. Thanks!
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