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I love music, it is a big part of my life, and so does Chantilly. I often refer to her as the rolling Rockabilly Jukebox, as I usually listen a 16gig thumbdrive filled with 1950's music....

IAS in Albuquerque was contacted and told to make the stock system sound better. Bryan of IAS in Albuquerque whom is one of the nations top installers gave Chantilly a amp and a nice custom encloser with a 10 inch sub, and then he tuned the system..... And the stock system really started rocking..

the setup was perfect for my needs, the bass isn't overpowering and is perfect for my style of music. The sub, amp and tune really made Chantilly much more enjoyable to drive and I kept the majority of my trunk space...
and that my friends, is what it's all about..

the thrill and pleasure of driving ones Camaro....

Chantilly, you are really rockin girl!

Chantilly Lace, the 2011 Rockabilly Jukebox..ADM built..617rwhp, geared A6.
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