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Originally Posted by JoshBobGuptaMarley View Post
After tons of research I learned that my huge stock rs wheels tend to cause some minor lag during acceleration. It's minor, light weight tires and a cai are supposed to cure it.

My first mods are gonna be RX catch can and scoop with Cai cai (I have these already and I'm installing soon). Then a catback exhaust and light weight battery. Then spoiler and tires.....It should be a slightly better driving experience when I get it all done. What
Ok, what I am talking about is not lag during acceleration, but the lag from the time you put your foot on the pedal to the time the engine does anything at all. And there is a slight hiccup during this pause. I am going to dealership today to test some of the other 2012's to see if they do it also. There will be a CAI in the future, but I want to make sure there are no problems before mods..
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