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It needs to drop all that leather interior and lose some weight in places other than wheels and rotors. Cloth buckets with mechanical adjustments, no seat warmers, etc. All that stuff adds weight. Yes, I know they've made the ZL1 perform thus far with heavy weight in it, but, that will add extra wear on the systems, even if they're designed for it. You can't add mass without it effecting something somewhere. It may be faster tire wear, shorter lasting bushings, more frequent fluid changes, etc.. It always has to be accounted for.

Not every model Camaro needs to be a luxury coupe on the inside.. It looks like it's trying to be a ZL1 minus the LSA engine.

I think it's a nice start, but I personally would just like to see it go more towards performance considerations than creature comforts. 2LT/2SS and ZL1 are pretty much already that in the V6/V8 world.
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