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Originally Posted by CaryE1 View Post
Oh, you are going to hate the doors and other controls, then. Some of them are TINY!!!
As long as they are 0805 I'm good. I'm actually starting to get pretty good at them.

Here are two more inventory items:
HUD switch: (3) 0805
Convertible top switch: (1) PLCC2

I just finished the HUD switch and the convertible top button. The HUD switch is a royal PITA. It requires three 0805 LEDs. One of them is underneath the dial. What makes this difficult is that the dial has 3 plastic tabs that sticks through the circuit board and were heated and pressed down to mushroom the plastic. What I did to get it off, was heat up a pair of needle nose pliers and then squeezed the mushroomed tabs back into shape. I did this several times and took my time to be sure I didn't ruin the tabs. Once this was finished, it came right off. I replaced the LED and put the tabs back through the circuit board, heated up a screwdriver tip, and mushroomed the tabs back down. I took my time just to be sure I didn't mess it up. Took me about an hour to do it.
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