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Originally Posted by CamaroELF View Post
It sounds like I'm at my dealer's mercy. When we were talking price, I said I wouldn't pay over MSRP and he said whatever the sticker says when it shows up. I didn't know any better.
Originally Posted by CamaroScotty View Post
Hey, a dealer can Jag you anytime, anywhere.....they don't need a price increase as an excuse....We've already seen that happening.

Trust your dealer. Old advice a day late I know.....
I don't necessarily think that my dealer will intentionally try and screw me over but I have a feeling they are going to see the sticker and think that's what the car's actual MSRP is.

When this is all said and done, would it be possible to get some exact steps for what we need to do to show/prove to dealers what our price should be? Us saying "no, I get the old MSRP" when I have nothing proving that old MSRP or even nothing proving, other than the email GM sent to customers, that MSRP was in any way protected will likely not get us very far. We need some way to show them, in the GM systems that they have access to, what our MSRP SHOULD be. If I just show them something off the internet they're going to say "you can't believe everything on the internet." I trust that my dealer will think he's charging me the right price even though he's just an idiot.
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