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Originally Posted by jeff4946 View Post
So does that mean the SAE correction I did is right? I'm not understanding that much.
You can't correct it again once it's already corrected which in your case JDP already corrected for you. So your SAE corrected hp you got that day is whats printed on that paper. There are 2 types of dyno numbers that most dyno shops use and the ones that really matter. The SAE and STD.

SAE is just as it explain on the front page, and STD is how much you are exactly putting down at that particular temp and condition. Your STD number will change when you dyno in a 100 deg temp vs 40 deg temp. The hotter the weather the lower you will dyno, and the colder the more power you will put down. SAE will calculate the dyno numbers based on the "ideal" condition in a perfect temp compensated room.
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