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I like

I like your story and I love your car. You have a awesome way of expressing your self and your love for the car.Who would have known that a car would have done this to us.Talking about an obsession.
Sorry to say but mine is sleep now :( .I sure hope it is not a long cold winter but I have a feeling.Oh well you guys and gals in the warm climates have it all.Well almost.By the way glad to hear I am not the only one loving the 50s-60s rock nothing like it.Have all my records top 10 from high school plus a few others, couple thousand to say the least, 3 turntables,and a seeburg juke .USB is the only way to fly.Holds so many.Music the camaro oh what a life.Crank it up loud and drive on down the road.Never get tired of it.
Dang I think I will go out in the garage and uncover her and listen to some jams & just admire her.
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