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Originally Posted by EllwynX View Post
IMO any less than 400hp in the base V8 is going to disappoint a lot of people.
I've heard two things that, together, 'encourage' me as to what we'll get as far as engines.

It being stated (not in any documents, but rather, just talking out loud) that the Concept vehicles would be the Hi-Po Camaro.

ALSO remember that they probably aren't building a GT500 fighter to be ready for launch. Okay? It's would still be a Camaro, sure; but as I keep saying - it's not a mainstream Camaro, not one for the masses. So it's relatively safe to assume that when they said "you're looking at the Top-end model", they weren't talking about the GT-500 fighter.

And the second thing is putting an LS2 in the Concept. with 400 hp, EllwynX has a point, anything less than that 400 will be a let-down.

So, take my logic as you will, I guess.
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