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I have completed the steering wheel. Twice actually. I put in white LEDs, which is what I was planning for all of the switches. I have already completed the headlight and HUD switches. Unfortunately the color of the white steering wheel LEDs did not match the white LEDs in the headlight and HUD switches. The steering wheel switches have a rubber membrane with tinted covers over the LEDs. I believe that this is to dim the LEDs, since they are right there in front of your face. Unfortunately this changes the color. These LEDs look more like incandescent after going through the tinted covers. So I pulled them back out and replaced them with red. Looks better. I guess I could have cut out the tinted covers, but I was afraid that the LEDs would be too bright, and it would be very difficult to put the tinted covers back in.

I'm still in the process of doing the overhead console. I've replaced the LED for the convertible top switch. I'm getting ready to put in some fiber optics for the homelink buttons. I'm going to use 0.02" instead of the suggested 0.03" since I already have that size. Quite a bit smaller, but I think it will still be sufficient. I hope to get that done tonight. Unfortunately the overhead console on the convertible is much more difficult to remove than on the coupe. The whole overhead trim and pillar trims have to come off.

I also finished the LED in the automatic shifter. As stated before, this is a 5mm LED that is just soldered onto some wires with a diode and a resistor, all of which was reused with the new LED.

Still to do: Radio (tonight/tomorrow), finish overhead console (tonight), window switches (tonight or tomorrow). Then try to figure out the HUD. Come on Angel!
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