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FYI info to share: 12.9 Hardness Rear Diff mounting bolts with same size neck

Originally Posted by hypurone
I recently read a thread concerning rear gear noises in which you posted that the diff mounting bolts were replaced with some ones (12.9 hardness) that were smooth bore the entire length eliminating the slop of the "necked down" OE ones.

Can you provide me with the info on where they were purchased/part numbers etc?

Would really appreciate it.
I purchased them at Ace Hardware for somewhere around $7 each I think. I don't have any part #s - but if you can't locate the bolt, I can stop by and get it off the bin. (I will try to get for everybody else's benefit and change post....) Then maybe they could be ordered on their website? They recently expanded the hardware section to about double. They may have had these already... most of expansion was polished stainless bolts, chrome and black chrome, etc. I tried to get actual Flange bolts shown in the picture of the box, but they didn't stock the length needed. Next to the box is the Allen head black 12.9 bolt with 90mm length (black 12.9 is the same type used in the high end CV shafts). They had 80mm lengths also, but would be too short for the rear bushing. Stock bolts are 85mm. Since I couldn't find a long enough flange bolts, I added a 10.9 hardeness washer on the bolt side to distribute the pressure like the flange bolt. I ended up using the OEM crimp style nuts instead of adding lock washers. The crimp style works great and can't hurt a 12.9 bolt, since they're 10.9 hardness.

Black 12.9 hardness Allen Head Bolt specs are: Metric M12 diameter, standard 1.75 pitch, 90 mm length.

Nice looking wheels for your color scheme BTW!
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