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Thanks for the great responses. We are receiving a lot of interest in this project and have already sold a few cars.

There are many questions. Unfortunately, some will remain answered for the next few weeks until Fesler receives a shipment of camaros at his shop. We need more than 1 camaro in order to get beta testing moving faster. Also, pricing is not set exact as there are still variables changing daily. The only solution will be when a few camaros are getting tested at once.

Transmissions: They are not set in stone. Some have mentioned a downgrade in transmissions. We don't see it this way as we know exact configurations that will work with 600-700 HP in a T56. The T6060 is still new. So costs, parts, etc are still a lil shaky with the T6060. Without a doubt, we are looking at it and others very seriously. But we won't "offer" it until we've put it in a car, and tested the snot out of it. We will put it in and try to blow it. Then we will have a decision on tranny's.

Needless to say, many factors are changing daily as the camaro's deliveries come to fruition.
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