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ABL Light Pipes

As the original source for these has recently dried up, we have found a second source for a very similar product.

We also have a flexible version that can be used for other applications. The minimum bend radius is about 1.5"

Continuous can be free-cut and works well for shorter lengths.

Tuned is for longer lengths and has a special pattern to minimize dimming in the middle. These can be cut, but, equal amounts should be taken from each end.

Expanded can be free-cut and is for flex applications where there are multiple bends which would make alignment difficult.

Sized for no-drill ABL mod (LED's under panel, not behind dash).

Note that 2013+ cars require three holes to be drilled into the dash to pass the LED's through.

Complete Dash Kit - from $71

Dash Pipe Package - $25

Driver-Side (Continuous, Flex) and Passenger-Side (Tuned, Rigid).

Driver Side Flex - $9
For those who have rigid pipes and are not happy with the panel fitment.

Door Panels
- Per Door
Top of Panel: Flex, Tuned: $17 (2LT/SS stock setup)

Bottom of Panel: Flex, Tuned: $20 (order both for full-panel lighting)*
* Requires custom door panel


Dash Harness
T-Tap/Solder: $23
Plug-n-Play: $48 - ZL1 version available upon request

Standard Color LED's: $12 ea.

Splitter: $13 ea.
3-Way Splitter (for full door panels): $18 ea.

Pipes For Customizing (all free-cut)
Rigid, Continuous, 39.4" [1000mm]: $12.92
Rigid, Expanded, 39.4" [1000mm]: $14.25
Flex, Expanded, 39.4" [1000mm]: $20
Flex, Expanded, 78.7" [2000mm]: $28.52

Custom lengths can also be provided.

Prices do not include shipping.

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