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Originally Posted by Z4me View Post
I was just thinking all these flicks there making about the ZL1 would be a nice thing to record and save. Eventually these will be removed from there
site and replaced with the newest and greatest model info. Kinda like keeping all your original paper work that comes with your new car.

I'm doing exactly that. Not only these videos, but all the videos out there from the development of the ZL1 to the earliest spy shot videos. It's like my ZL1 development documentary. It'll be great and nostalgic to look back at theses many years from now and remember this roller coaster ride.

I use a youtube downloader extension for Firefox to save all of these videos at the highest resolution offered. It gives you the option to save any youtube video in the browser as an .mp4 for easy playback.

Download firefox if you don't already have it. Once launched, select tools and then add ons. Search for a youtube downloader and install. I'm using "mp4 downloader" and "easy youtube video downloader". Either one works fine, try it out
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