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Originally Posted by HDRDTD View Post
I like it when they measure downforce in pounds by refer to drag in 'counts'.
What is 1 count of drag mean???

Either way I'm glad they made all these improvements. They'll really pay off when I drive it to work each day.

A drag count of 1 is equal to Cd of 0.0001. So if, for example, the steady state drag coefficient is 0.0200 and someone sticks a hand out the window adding 5 drag counts, the new drag coefficient would be:

0.0200 + 0.0005 = 0.0205 or 205 drag counts.

Drag count is used as a crude measure for the change in drag coefficient (it is not a direct measure of drag as it is associated with a reference area, it is only valid for use as a relative assessment of change).
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