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Originally Posted by 'StangBlaster5000 View Post
I really don't think the platform matters as much as the market they are aiming for.
All I know, is what I have heard straight from the horses mouth. And after watching a few of the ATS videos, I think the ZL1 is in for some STIFF competition from Cadillac from the CTS-V AND the ATS.
I can't argue with information I've not heard myself.. So, I have no comment there..

On the CTS-V and ATS being competition for the ZL1 -- I don't see it as too big of an issue.. They're different cars for different reasons.. All very nice, but still have different markets themselves. Though, I am glad that CTS/ATS are taking up the 4 Door segment.. I can only imagine the erruption of threads here if GM announced a Camaro Sedan..
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