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Originally Posted by carfansince73 View Post
That's faster than a ZR1!! Impressive.
That's not the kit they are selling...the one they are selling achieves a 12 second ET @ 118 mph. You'll have to crank up the boost to run the 11.1 @ 130 and although they have made several passes on that level of boost, even they don't recommend running it like that 24/7. They turned down the boost to 7-8psi and made 449 rwhp...that's how they run it on the street...and that's the "street kit" they are selling. Its definitely a nice kit, but understand its essentially $10K, and probably will put down a little over 500 rwhp @ 7psi. H/C/I package is more like 4-5K and will put down a little over 500 rwhp. Now I'm not saying that H/C/I is necessarily a better mod, or even more bang for the buck, but unless you plan to run a level of boost like the "race" kit, the twins at 7psi will only EDGE the NA application and at a significant price premium.

New ERA is offering a GEN TT Kit for $6500 for G8 which I'm sure could be grafted to the Camaro...
Intense Racing also has a Turbo G8 Kit for which I'm sure a Camaro kit could be made as well, Although their build was $$$ I'm sure.
Here is a recent thread on what INTENSE did with TT G8 GXP kit which should give you a little better idea of what the kit would do on the Camaro...Pretty impressive stuff...If you want a nice street car this would make a nice set up (I don't know what their kit costs though)...but if you plan to road course your car, a TT kit may not be the best option.
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