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To GM!

The media really needs to get it's head out of it's @$$ and start giving the American car manufacturers some credit!

And one of the biggest culprits are the car "rags". I admit to being a subscriber to several of them, but that may change if things keep going the way they are.

A few examples:

The latest 'Motor Trend' might as well be called 'Toyota Trend' for all the coverage 'Toyota' receives in it. The cover, 'Car of the Year', The Toyota Camry.

Then there's the nice review of GM's new full size pickups. Great! But. They (Motor Trend) can't leave it at that and give GM credit. No. They have a story of the GM v. the upcoming Tundra, and how the Tundra may well be the best pick up coming.

Finally, they run a huge story on Toyota and it's moving into Nextel Cup, along with what a wonderful thing this will be.

Next. 'Road & Track'. The editor calls the Honda Remix concept "the way concepts should be done", while calling the concept Camaro and Challenger "unimiginative"!

(That prompted a letter to the editor from me. We'll see if they have the b@lls to print it in 'Ampersand'.)

OK. Sorry for my babbling rant. Im going to go cancel my subscriptions now.
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