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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
It's only that each of those cars were brought to life to be something different special. So if tradition means anything in a name...
Agreed. ZL1 and Z28 will have different target audiences, objectives and price ranges. ZL1 is a special tribute to Chevy's past history and modern technology where not many will be produced. Truely the Camaro for the modern ages. It will do everything an automotive performance enthusiast wants extremely well, with comfort, convienence and style. Pricing will reflect that, and to that end it will be limited in numbers. Z28 will fill the gap between SS and The Big Bad Brother Z. It will carry some of the design improvements and enhanced technology developed from the ZL1 program. It will be more focused for cornering and handling, hopefully with a N/A engine. Pricing will be more suitable for mainstream consumption, therefore it will be more widely produced without the designed in collectability factor as in the ZL1. All opinions here, but all presented as summary to most of what has been widely discussed on C5 for some time. An over the top tribute to racing history and modern mechanical genious named Z28 would not bode well, especially for the MSRP this will come in at. On the other hand, a piece of collectible living history, intended to be kept within a tight bloodline and finite reproduction level with a higher end MSRP named ZL1.....yes...they, and we, will jump throught hoops to get this rare bird. Z28 is our old friend from the past, meant to be taken seriously as Fbodfather said, and not have it's name taken in vein. It will come back soon, as it rightfully should, above the SS platform. And produced without limitation in mind. But The Beast is appropriately named in my opinion, and only a Beast should sport a Mohawk...not a Z28. Chevy has their eye on the rock and 'aint gonna miss...
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